Want them to obey your skater t-shirt? See our secrets. Witness the ultimate cool urban t-shirt to wear

When you think of subliminal messages, you probably think of words hidden in bushes or nudity hidden in a design or pattern. While these things make amusing puzzles, they are not effective devices for subliminal suggestion. If you can see and recognize what you are looking at, then there is nothing subliminal or subconscious about it. It becomes a banana that you put in its place on the table, or counter, until you are ready to eat it.

In reality we live in a Star Wars world where subliminal lasers flash undetected all around us. Great success, fads, and trends do not happen by chance. They happen by design. Wear Me Naked will show you three types of subliminal devices Back Seat, Peep, and Shadow that are like dropping the H bomb on the stone age. These designs are effective because they use images that you see during the happiest moments of your life.

Consciously, you do not recognize what you are looking at, but subconsciously, you are connecting with images that you saw on prom night, your honeymoon, or other treasured moments in your life. These subliminal designs give the viewer a warm feeling—and that is what Wear Me Naked is all about. Our subliminal designs are nothing to be afraid of. We don't want you to manipulate people. We want you to radiate warmth and make the people around you feel good about life.

Yes, Wear Me Naked will give you the opportunity to purchase these designs on t-shirts. Keep in mind that men and women do not see the same things. Some of our designs are for men and some are for women. Whenever you order t-shirts online you should always request the brand that you wear. It's not how the t-shirt fits on some model, it's how the shirt fits on you that matters. And you want to know that the size you choose will fit you the way you want it to. We recommend black as the color for your Wear Me Naked Subliminal t-shirt so that no other color or shade competes with the design. All of the attention is focused on one point.

Wear Me Naked will also show you the subliminal secret behind the peace symbol. Remember Woodstock? The peace symbol was everywhere. People were intoxicated by the music. They took off their clothes and engaged in mass orgies. At Wear Me Naked we do not endorse irresponsible behavior. We recommend that you do not drink and drive. And we recommend that you do not mix our designs with heady music.
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